Dulcedo Patisserie & Dessert Bar - Cambridge - 60 Hills Road


Start your day with us.

Fresh pastries and coffee done right!

After a busy 3 months we finally opened two weeks ago and are very happy that we have been able to finally get started.

Offering everything from coffee in the morning and Hot Chocolate made with real couverture  chocolate. Fresh Morning pastries with every changing flavours, Macarons, Chocolates and our main dessert display cabinet showcasing our seasonal desserts.


We are also available for private hire for your event, banquet, wedding or party and can cater for your needs. If you have business event we are able to tailor our macarons and chocolates to your brand or colour. Have a May ball theme, we would be more than happy to be involved.

 We can pair all of our items with fragrances, drinks and tastings.

Our shop is also ready to accommodate your event needs and we are already in the process of moving forward with art exhibitions and other interesting evenings.

We are offering Discounts to Cambridge Students and Alumni on all of our products!


Cambridge Market

We would just like to thank everyone who came down on the day. And for those who where the first people to buy our products really helped us set the bar rolling.


 Dragée at the ready

Dragée at the ready

Our Best seller on the day was Carbon Hazelnuts with white Chocolate and hint of Rum. 

With Christmas Coming soon we shall be turning our attention to preparing some seasonal stock for you all to take home over the festive period, from Cranberry Saõ Tomè Dark Chocolate bars right through to Gingerbread Style macarons also Clementine & mulled wine favourites too.


Sable - Milk Chocolate  "Nochè" Chocolate bar - Nougat

With our first taste of the Cambridge Market action we are thirsty for more, we met some lovely people and felt very welcome right away.  Even if we never prepared our feet for the cold of the cobbles underneath.


Very soon we shall also have all of our products on the site for you to order at will.

Products up and ready!

The Panning is on..

Super shiny Dragées being prepared for a private Dinner. We offer a wise range of Dragées as well as our traditional Dulcedo Flavours and can caterer for any flavour combination that your heart desires, making our Dragées the perfect wedding Favours.

 As of the 23/10/2015 we shall have our first 5 flavours hitting the site for you have and enjoy.

Also making the line up very soon shall be our Shortbreads,  seasonal Nougat, Pâte de fruit, macarons and what ever else we can dream up!

In the meantime, enjoy our world of spinning!!


Everything in the making

Passionfruit and pistachio

We have our new oven now installed and our panning machine in place, all that's left now is for us to get our treats into little packages for everyone to enjoy. Shifting colours fonts and design have proven to be a lengthy process, especially doing it ourselves, but it will all seem worthwhile when our designs and food come together.

Everything is starting to come together, we will have a wide choice of Macarons, Dragée, Shortbreads and Chocolates to get started with. I for one can't wait to get stuck in, with every new season comes many new possibilities. 

We are very humbled to have such amazing people around us and I would like to personally thank everyone who has encouraged me to get this all started. Jo has been at the absolute forefront of my inspiration and creativity. Also, the thought of my little boy spurs me on to be better everyday. With only a few weeks to go until we roll, I am understandably nervous, in fact thats the understatement of the year. 

Many thanks.