Everything in the making

Passionfruit and pistachio

We have our new oven now installed and our panning machine in place, all that's left now is for us to get our treats into little packages for everyone to enjoy. Shifting colours fonts and design have proven to be a lengthy process, especially doing it ourselves, but it will all seem worthwhile when our designs and food come together.

Everything is starting to come together, we will have a wide choice of Macarons, DragĂ©e, Shortbreads and Chocolates to get started with. I for one can't wait to get stuck in, with every new season comes many new possibilities. 

We are very humbled to have such amazing people around us and I would like to personally thank everyone who has encouraged me to get this all started. Jo has been at the absolute forefront of my inspiration and creativity. Also, the thought of my little boy spurs me on to be better everyday. With only a few weeks to go until we roll, I am understandably nervous, in fact thats the understatement of the year. 

Many thanks.